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Target Group is an investment and management company. Target Group approached us for creating a website that would demonstrate the whole impact and diverse activities of the group and demonstrate brand identity in a way that
1. would invite the user to navigate and explore
2. would correspond to the requirements of B2B Industry


While creating Target Group website we thought a lot about forming first impressions. We asked ourselves– “What creates the first impression on the website?”– Home page? Maybe loading? Or the transitions?arrow-yellowarrow-yellow

Flexible Grid

We experimented with the grid to create a highly flexible asymmetric layout. Grid became the core reference for the UI solutions​​​​​​​.arrow-yellow

Responsive Design

Responsive layout dictates the organisation of the content and, thus, makes the whole website stylistically consistent and trendy.
The responsiveness is a key point especially in B2B websites. We worked hard to keep both the UX & UI of the website cool & user-friendly on all screens.


Garik Gyulasaryan
Executive Producer
Narine Ter-Ghevondyan
Production Manager
Alexandr Hovhannisyan
UX/UI Designer