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Musicroom is a one-stop shop for smooth projects facilitation and delivery. The main objective of the company is to unite the interests of the artists and project/event organizers in order to ensure unique, highly engaging and exceptional musical experiences.
Over the years, the company has been able to form an extensive network of artists’ agents and orchestras around it.


The Goal

We were approached by MusicRoom to create:
  • A branding that would be solid and elegant, yet vibrant and contemporary.
  • A website that would communicate brand concept and philosophy in a comprehensive way and engage the visitors with full information on artists and projects.
  • An easy-to-use content management system for the whole website.


The idea behind the brand was to express the elegance of classical music while showcasing the vibrance and contemporary feel of the company. We’ve experimented with the idea of the room and integrated it into the visual identity. This is how the color combination and visual identity were born.


Loading animation, menu animation and scrolling animations were designed to provide smooth page-to-page transitions, draw attention to clickable sections, and provide enhanced user experience.

The Website

When designing the website, our main goals were:

  • Communicating the brand concept & philosophy.
  • Ensuring highly engaging user experience with the help of animations and smooth transitions.

Responsive layout

The website is fully responsive. All the pages are designed and developed based on industry best practices, to provide flawless & smooth experience.

Admin Panel

Our team created a simple, easy-to-use and functional admin panel for the whole website in accordance with Material Design guidelines.
The admin panel features a simple and elegant interface and intuitive design to enable admins to easily create, edit and delete projects, connect artists with projects they participate, manage the content related to artists as well as fill in SEO-related data.