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Eurnekian school is a public school located in Etchmiadzin.
School students had a vision to create a world-class website & platform for current, graduated, new students & stakeholders. They intend to share their daily life & interesting news, success stories, provide all required info for entering the school & promote student council.



Our team was approached to re-brand and develop a website for Eurnekian School. We closely collaborated with school students when working on the project, as they were the owners of the idea, the ones who were going to maintain and assure further maintenance of the website.


is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the worldeurnekian


When developing the brand our main challenges were:
  • 1. To create a brand identity that would emphasize all the values put in the advanced pedagogical methodology & the school vision.
  • 2. In addition, we suggested brand implementation in the school environment.
    For website development, our main aim was to position Eurnekian school as an international level public school, and create a platform, which would communicate the school advantages, success stories, daily life & important news.


Students of Eurnekian School were given custom admin panel for keeping website content up to date. It was developed according to Material Design Guidelines to ensure easy & intuitive user experience for any non-technical administrator.

Mobile responsiveness

The website is fully mobile responsive. All the pages are designed and developed to provide flawless & smooth experience with any device.


Garik Gyulasaryan
Executive Producer
Narine Ter-Ghevondyan
Production Manager
Armen Papikyan
Software Producer
Aram Martirosyan
Software Producer
Siranush Hovsepyan
Production Designer
Alexandr Hovhannisyan
Production Designer
Lilit Grigoryan
Software Production Manager