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Decodisc was created to unite and build
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Defining the user flow for the teams was one of the most important UX challenges to complete. This is the first flow that must keep the users in the app. In other words, this is a critical screen. After a bunch of tests with real users we witnessed that "less tap (click) is best" motto is not the best option in the case.We added 2 more steps in the user flow and observed that it become much simpler and more intuitive.
Comics related characters with extruded look add "salt and source" to the app. Wonderwomen against Deadpool, Batman against Mystique...

Still wonder who will win? Well, the one who knows most about

innovative technologies !

The game board imitates real card design. Firstly, this resemblance corresponds to user expectations of a card game according to a research and keeps the mood of a real printed card game. Secondly, it creates a beautiful and intuitive user interface.


Users navigate through bottom tabs, which include game rules, history and settings. Each of the sections is designed to have the simplest and the most user friendly interface.


Ani Karapetyan
Alexandr Hovhannisyan
UX I UI Designer, Graphic Artist
Siranush Hovsepyan
UX I UI Designer
David Hunanyan
Graphic Artist
Suren Sardaryan
Android Developer
Liliya Ghukasyan
IOS Developer
Tigran Simonyan
IOS Developer