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Das A is an educational program for schools in Armenia that aims to educate, engage and interest teens in classical music. Das A application is a tool for achieving this goal and combines intellectual and social content.


The Challenge

  • Our challenge was to create an application that will allow teens:
  • 1. To get free tickets to classical music concerts
  • 2. To get access to educational content and
  • 3. Share opinions, engage in discussions, earn badges

The Impact

By providing small bites of educational content and serving as a one-click platform for ordering classical music concert tickets, Das A goal was to interest students in classical music and nudge recurring concert attendances with the help of targeted notifications.
After the initial launch and gala concert, the aim was to have 20% recurring attendances during the next concert. The initial target was exceeded and there were 30% returned attendances during the 2nd concert.  

Review Flow

Review flow is designed to actively engage students in opinion sharing and concert discussions. It also provides the opportunity to rate concerts.

My Profile Page

My profile page contains personal information of the user as well as completed quizzes and earned badges.

News Feed

News feed is a combination of social and intellectual aspects and contains small bites of interesting facts and photos from concerts. 


Garik Gyulasaryan
Executive Producer
Narine Ter-Ghevondyan
Production Manager
Lilit Sukiasyan
Alexandr Hovhannisyan
UX/UI Designer
Armen Sedrakyan
UX/UI Designer
Sevak Soghoyan
iOS Developer
Suren Sardaryan
Android Developer
Aram Martirosyan
Backend Developer