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The Armenian State Symphony Orchestra (ASSO) is a group of young, talented and visionary musicians sharing the same drive for success and vision of attracting wider audience to classical music events.


The Goal

The main purpose of the app is to attract, interest and engage users in classical music, inform about ASSO’s upcoming and past activities, increase concert attendances and ensure an easy platform for ticket ordering.asso

The Challenge

Our team was approached to create an app that would:
1. Ensure highly engaging user experience with the help of intuitive and enhanced interface, smooth transitions and innovative features.
2. Present concerts and festivals in an attractive way.
3. Encourage concert attendances through targeted push notifications based on user preferences.

Interactive Play Button

The play button is an innovative tool that enables promoting excerpts from upcoming concerts without compromising main functionalities of the app. With just one swipe users can enjoy classical music.


Since the goal of ASSO app is to increase audience engagement, the app contains a vast video library of compositions from previous concerts/festivals. The users can enjoy classical compositions as well as listen to interviews with Sergey Smbatyan - ASSO Artistic Director and Principal Conductor.assoasso


Garik Gyulasaryan
Executive Producer
Narine Ter-Ghevondyan
Production Manager
Lilit Sukiasyan
Software Production Manager
Seda Sargsyan
Software Production Manager
Lucine Yeghunyan
Production Designer
Sevak Soghoyan
Suren Sardaryan
Software Producer
Arthur Avagyan
Software Producer
Samvel Petrosyan
Software Producer
Artyom Miskaryan
Software Producer